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Brainstorming for Final Project

Privacy is Theft

I want to take the option of writing a critical piece for my final project. I want to concentrate on one of two things: privacy and education.  As many may already know in the class I am very interested in how our privacy rights are slowly being challenged in this new digital era. In “The Circle,” we saw the aphorism of “Privacy is Theft,” yet what does this really mean in today’s society? What is privacy? What does it entail?  Things like filling out our full name, birthdays, and email addresses, have become so mundane to us that we don’t realize that we are constantly giving out our information to random third-party strangers.

Also, education is something that plays a major role in my life (my mother and aunts are teachers) and I want to see how incorporating technology into the ordinary classroom would either be a positive contribution or negative contribution to learning. Andre Sayegh, the 6th Ward Councilman for the City of Paterson, NJ (who is also running for Mayor of Paterson in the upcoming elections) posted an article recently about how students have been missing out on school so much due to all the snow storms this winter. However, he proposes that with the help of technology, we can remediate this problem by having online classes on days in where it is too dangerous for students/parents travel to school/work. What repercussions can this have? And will it really remediate the problem?

These are all questions that I am truly taking into consideration as I think more in depth about where I want my critique paper to go.



One of the aphorisms in The Circle by Dave Eggers that was really interesting for me to see was the fact that the name of the program, at the very beginning of the book, is called “TruYou.” It is a program that connected your entire life to one identity, one account. The book describes the program as being the end of “false identities, identity theft, multiple usernames, complicated passwords…[TruYou] was one button, one account, everything tied together and trackable and simple…”

This is something really exciting to even read at the present moment, especially since our entire lives is already on the internet, most people attempt to create fake Facebook accounts to misguide an employer into seeing what they want them to see. This program eliminates all of this and in our day in age it will give everyone more peace in mind, knowing that the person your teenage kid is talking to over the internet is who they say they are and not some predator.

This brings up the saying, “You have nothing to fear, if you have nothing to hide.” Which brings into question, do we really want our entire lives out on the internet like that and free for anyone and everyone to see?