Evolution of Technology in the Classroom

Thursday’s (2/6/14) Class was mostly concentrated on the change that technology and the use of technology brings about in the field of Education.

Today’s system of education is very different than that of the 1980s. What was once done verbally and personally is now done electronically and through different mediums.

I found this really interesting article from the University of Phoenix that lays out for you the technological change that the classroom and undergone. To read it click here.


Daily Internet Routine

What is part of your daily routine and why? What would life be like without it?

Before technology and the internet were things that you had because you could have it. It was a luxury. However now in this day in age, technology and the internet have become a necessity to us. It has become one with our daily lives and not many can imagine to go back to how it was. Every morning I wake up to the sound of the alarm on my phone. I get up, make my breakfast, get dressed, and as I get on the bus to begin my commute to NY I get on my phone. I check my messages, emails, and then I begin to read a couple of articles from the NYTimes (never in that exact order but I try). The reason for this morning routine is that I like to start my morning off productively. If someone sent me something in the middle of the night I try to respond to them as quickly as possible. However, if I begin to think how my life might be different without the use of technology and the internet then I begin to wonder how much time I would go without being productive. I am a very time conscientious person, therefore I cannot think about going a second in my day without doing something that may very well benefit me or others.

If, as Leah Price argues, you are what you read, who are you?

I am a person that is very conscientious of time. “The clock is ticking and waits for no one,” is what I always think about when I refer to time and I believe it to be true. Therefore, I strive to make every moment of my day count as much as it possibly can. When it comes to reading for pleasure or for, how Price puts it, “intellectual experience,” I tend to read non-fiction rather than fiction. My morning commute from NJ to NY consists of reading a couple articles from the NYTimes on my iPad and then from a newspaper that I pick up as I board the E Train. Reading is a part of my life that I will never let go. I can’t help it. But I also can’t think about ways in where I could make my time any more productive than reading something that will not only interest me but teach me something about real life not about some made up world on an alternate reality. Who am I? I am a learner. I read to learn more about life, people, the world, etc.