Close Readings

Compliations of comments and/or take-aways from these readings:

  • “Literary Studies in the Digital Age” by MLA Commons
  • “Humanities 2.0”
  • “4 Humanities DH Manifesto” by Bloomsburg University students
  • “Digital Humanities and the Undergrad”
  • “Google and the Future of Books” by Robert Darnton
  • “You are What you Read” by Leah Price
  • “Talk on Technology, Writing, and Literature” by Matthew Kirschenbaum
  • “Writing as Programming as Writing” by Stephen Ramsay
  • “Digital Natives/Digital Immigrants” by Marc Prensky
  • The Dumbest Generation by Mark Bauerlein
  • The App Generation by Howard Gardner
  • “Neuronarrative” by Gary Small
  • “How Computers Change the Way We Think” by Sherry Turkle
  • “The Shock of Inclusion” by Clay Shirky
  • “Net Gain” by Richard Dawkins

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