Google Books and Me

At the beginning of this semester I found myself in a really deep hole. My sophomore year in college, to fulfill my Business Administration minor requirements, I had to take Accounting I and bought a $300 textbook. I knew I had to take Accounting II at some point but I didn’t know the publisher published new editions every year. I decided to take Accounting II this year (junior year) and was shocked when I was told to buy the brand new edition. Hesitating, because I really did not have the money for it, I desperately search online for the new edition. To much relief, I found an electronic edition version of the textbook’s new edition on Google Books (you can see by clicking here). I was so happy that this was made possible to me and I now live relieved that I didn’t have to spend another $300.

Thank you Google Books!


One thought on “Google Books and Me

  1. That’s the worst. My Econ teachers told me you can usually get by with a slightly older edition, and you can definitely find the older edition online for free.

    Hey! You could potentially use Juxta to compare and see what’s different between editions. 🙂

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