Being Transparent

TRIGGER WARNING: Domestic Violence. Discretion advised.
In class today we talked about becoming or being transparent (for a day) as a creative idea for our final project. Just when we thought that this was something that no one had ever thought about – we are proven wrong.

I just found a website in where a woman decided to “share her day through Google Glass.” The website features a video of a woman’s entire day from beginning to “tragic” end, for this woman’s life is not ordinary but instead she is a victim of domestic violence.

Although this is not something that we might have expected to become witnesses to, I still think that it ties into our class discussion. Technology isn’t all bad, it can be used to spread awareness, find/catch criminals, etc.

Watch the video and tell me what you guys think.


4 thoughts on “Being Transparent

  1. I actually saw this video before and it’s great that people have already thought about the uses for the glass in catching things such as abuse and possibly even theft. Throughout the video I kept thinking that I wanted the google glass because of it’s capabilities in the real world. It is pretty much a phone mounted onto glasses. At the same time though I couldn’t help but think of how weird it would look to be the only person walking down the street and it looks like you’re talking to yourself

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