Once upon a time a young man, named Luis, who lived with his older brother moved into a 2nd floor apartment. In this new apartment he met a nice young girl, named Stephanie. Images of my husband and I back in 2008
One day Stephanie’s family decided to throw a birthday party and invited the 2nd floor tenants (Luis’ family). This is where Stephanie and Luis held an actual conversation for the first time and they seem to hit it off pretty well. Image of my husband and I dancing
Luis then invited Stephanie out on a date to The Great Falls of Paterson for Labor Day Weekend and they had a blast together. Image of husband and I at the Great Falls.
Not too long afterwards they became a couple. They were the happiest couple in the household and the two families began to mingle more often. Collage of all images of birthday parties and gatherings.
Then one day, Luis thought to himself how life next to Stephanie would be like. Image of Luis wondering…
While Stephanie was in Florida visiting her father for the summer, Luis sneaked to the jewelry store to buy her an engagement ring. Image of Stephanie in FL and Image of Luis with Stephanie’s Engagement Ring.
As soon as Stephanie returned from her trip to Florida, Luis proposed over dinner at “El Mexicano” Restaurant. Image of Engagement Dinner Party – Proposal
The wedding preparations then began and invitations began to go out for the Wedding of the Year. Image of Wedding Invitation
Stephanie and Luis got married on March 2, 2013. Images of my wedding day.
Until this day they continue to live happily married in their own apartment. They spend every minute of each day together and they plan to do so for the rest of the years to come. Recent images of my husband and I.



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